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How I Got a $200,000 Book Deal With Penguin Random House: THE DEBRIEF

What People Are Saying:

Everything about this was over-the-top fantastic. The amount of time and care and insight you clearly poured into this incredible behind-the-scenes tutorial astounds me. No more smoke and mirrors, no more games, no more guessing. Just a methodical guide I can turn to again and again all along the way. I was also very heartened by how you showed the reality of your process, for instance, how the title changed, how the way the book was laid out changed along the way, how you tried other ways of approaching the subject but eventually came back home to your own voice. Thank you for sharing all of those trial-and-error things you went through because that really made me less afraid of having it all perfect.

Allison Marie

First off, thank you so much for taking the time to put this together and SO SIMPLY!!! My biggest a-ha came in the Q&A when you talked about the need to trust yourself and to basically own your voice. It's so easy for us to acquiesce to experts, especially in unfamiliar territories. Also, the other thing I'm walking away with is the necessity for a CLEAR vision around your intention for the book, which will inevitably determine which course of action you'll takeā€”self-publishing, mid-tier, or traditional. Thank you again!

Valerie Jeannis